The beginning of every year brings about the need to embark on something new for many. For others, it’s giving previous ventures more effort. The common question on everyone’s mind being “What are my resolutions for the new year?” There are many that get ignited and start off well but lose that fire along the way. What is it that gets people started on such a high note only to lose their momentum as the months go? Is it that hard to tick your goals off the target list?

Be your targets personal or business related, the ways to go about it are the same. This article goes to show you how to do that whether you’ve just set out to achieve something or have recently given up on a goal and need that fire reignited. In other words, it’s all about ways to motivate yourself this year.

Long-term and short-term goals

It goes without saying that you need to start by having a goal. It’s important to have both long and short-term goals. Long-term goals give you something to look forward to while short term goals are usually more easily achievable thereby encouraging. The small wins you get are a boost for morale that motivate you to go for your long-term goal.

Your goals need to be measurable and specific and it’s important to have a time base plan as well. “I will have two articles written at the end of each day.” Having numbers like that makes your goal more attainable.

The more you visualise your goal the easier they are to achieve. Keeping reminders around your working space or the house helps to keep your focus. These could be written down notes, a picture, or even a poster

related to what you’ve set out to do.

The fact that they are in sight constantly helps keep you on your toes knowing that there is something that needs doing. It’s also important to have every written goal crossed out once accomplished. Personally, it gives me a sense of achievement and I have dramatic ways to go about it. In the same way, find what works for you and remember to keep it fun.

Not all at once

New year resolutions have become common practice for many people. They often involve either dropping a bad habit or developing a good one. The way to go about it all is to go slow. Breaking down your tasks into smaller chunks helps you avoid burnout.

If you’ve made a resolution to get healthier, you could start by reducing your portions and gradually replacing what you eat with healthier foods. An instant overhaul of your diet will feel like punishment that you don’t deserve and will most likely get you back to your old unhealthy ways. After all, you did not give yourself time to get accustomed to the change.


Always looking at the upside of things keeps you motivated. Positivity is the wheel that keeps your hunger rolling. It doesn’t matter the pitfalls that you encounter. Learn from any failures you may experience and look at them as part of the process to make you better.

Be careful about encouraging negative thoughts as these most probably  

make you lose your morale. It then becomes very easy to give up on your goal.

Celebrate the small wins

Have a reward system for the small wins you get. Treat yourself or the team you’re working with to something every once in a while when you make some headway. It could be taking a break, or going on an outing; whatever refreshes your spirit. This makes the dream-chasing more enjoyable. A few guilty pleasures every once in a while won’t set you up for failure. Remember you’re still living, so a pat on your own back every now and then helps keep you motivated.

Keep a like minded group

The relationships you keep can either make or break you ,be they personal or professional ones. It’s always important to keep an open mind and listen to those around you as long as they are invested in a similar goal as yours.

Having such a group reminds you that you are not going through it alone. Such a company also keeps you from distractions by constantly reminding you of what you have set out to achieve.

As each other’s accountability partner, you’ll be amazed at the amount of motivation that you can draw from one another.

Build around your passion

Whatever goals you’ve set to achieve should at least align with your

interests, especially when it comes to business. When you are passionate about something, you are highly motivated to keep going at it.

Say you’ve decided to exercise more this year. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to work out to something you’re interested in rather than any random exercise?

This is because part of the fun is in the journey and any obstacles present as exciting challenges.

Keep it fun

Tasks can be tedious and one can begin to dread the reason they got started in the first place. Be sure to find a fun aspect around the goal that you’re striving to achieve. Whether it’s a competitive element among you and your colleagues, or a small reward, the more spicy the dish, the hungrier you’ll get.

Start with the end in mind

Having a vision or mental picture of what it’ll be like once you’ve achieved your goal motivates you to work towards it backwards.

When all’s said and done, the pressure to have something to show might rush you into something you will not stick to. It’s important to take a moment and clear the clutter before setting your resolution. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve set your resolutions in February; the important thing is that you’re on the right track and you keep the engine running until you have accomplished that which you set out to achieve. Good luck!