About Us

Who are We?

We have a passion for business, Real Estate and adding value to the world. We are incorporated in the United Kingdom since 2017. We run projects both in the UK and in Uganda. We use validated business strategies and extensive research to serve us and serve our customer.

What we do and why you should care?

We give investors an opportunity to join us create businesses in  Uganda, in return we give them a high interest on their money (which can be as high as 20%), high value creation  and life time experience.

Through validated real estate business strategies worldwide, we create the high returns which further enable us to add massive value to communities; such as creating jobs and empowering orphans and street children in the region of Kampala in Uganda.


Our Team


Herman Musoke

Founder & Director

Eleanor Zalwango

Research manager


Lilian Nakimuli. A


Michael Agaba


Our Mentors and Advisors

Dr. Steve Day

Founder of Systems and Outsourcing


Iliad Pirasteh

Property Investor UK