Our Campaign

Check out some of our completed and ongoing campaign. Please notice that we do exist in 2 countries so far, United Kingdom and Uganda.

Ongoing Campaign


All investments are always associated with risks, all or part of the investment may be lost.

Everything we do in life is a risk whether it is getting a job, marriage, having kids etc however, risk awareness and calculations help us assesse our campaign.

Below are some of the risk to consider.


Risks To Consider

Developing Markets

Investments in assets in developing countries including those located in Africa may carry higher investment risks. Such risks include political risk, economic instability, laws and regulations.


A competitive market with many strong players can mean loss of a deal due to higher bidders which can means extra conveyancing process costs.


Our campaigns generally receive revenues in the local currency and are thus exposed to the risk of currency fluctuations, which could influence their ability to fulfill their commitments towards you as an investor.


Risk of non-refinancing by high street banks or other lenders.