A charity is a non-profit organization whose main objectives are social well being or other activities serving the public or common good.

In Today’s world, we are constantly bombarded and distracted by so many things and services to fill up the gap of our leisure and fulfillment in our lives. Normally we feel like we have no choice in the matter.

We find ourselves constantly taken by the best sellers to subscribe to so many kinds of services whether it be; Netflix, magazines, newsletters we tend to pay so much for our own comforts and conveniences in terms of our health, money and time.

We do often forget that service to others gives the biggest returns of Happiness and fulfillment in one’s life.Today, charity has become more of a shadow of the big organizations such as the Red Cross and UNICEF than a world/ community obligation.

When was the last time you found time in your schedule to help out at local children shelter or gave donations to a bigger cause with follow up to see it through?

We are often most motivated to donate or volunteer to what we have seen with our own eyes, feel or been through, only until then we will not actually believe a problem to exist or to be as bad as it really is.

Many are not aware of how big of an impact a small donation or gesture can be to another who is in need.


If you are, out there and would like to help. How do you start?  How can you get involved?


Use of social media! People can help charities to reach out to others by using their own platforms to showcase real pictures and videos concerning the organization. This can motivate friends and family to undertake their own efforts to donate to the charity or even to volunteer their help.

Managing one’s monthly donations! As a donor, one can schedule an amount  (kind of like a monthly subscription) which they set aside for the charity of their choice. It doesn’t have to be a lump sum of money because even something as little as $5 a month can make a difference to a charity organization and this is something we need to realize. Encourage friends and family to do the same because when one person gets two more people involved it is a positive effect of one’s own giving.

Run a Campaign!Organizing campaigns such as car wash drives, selling home made products or even fun talent shows in order to fund a charity can help in raising awareness. Using such activities as a way to get donations can help the charity to reach its goal while still offering a service.

Volunteer to help out! If you have the time, visit one of the charity organizations and show support by offering your help in whatever form it may be. Build some kennels for an animal shelter, teach children at an orphanage how to make paintings and offer disaster relief therapy to victims. It is about doing one’s part to make the world better.

Follow up the charity’s well being! Sometimes, people will donate and that will be the end of it. But don’t stop there. Make time by checking in with your charity as it keeps you involved. Make monthly visits to the organization if you can and find out what they need so that you can help if you are able to. If you don’t have the time, you can still check their website or social media pages to keep in the loop.

Give what you can! You do not always have to donate money to a charity to help. It also helps to simply give what you can. It could be donating old clothes to children’s homes and orphanages or even giving old blankets and stuffed toys to animal shelters. It is always the little things that can go a long way

You can help out charities by picking a cause you support and helping out in any way you can. We at Hermie homes support a children’s home in Uganda called in need home. This organization that takes care of orphaned children and those whose parents cannot afford their basic needs.What we love most about it is the follow up system on sending a child to school; one can get a feedback monthly on the child’s progress, which we believe is priceless.For more information on how to donate to these children. Check out www.inneedhome.org/